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The · Post · Ironic · Spinsterhood

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Spinsters! - here are some things I really want to see this summer:

The Jamie Shovlin exhibition at Haunch of Venison in London town (on til Aug 18th)
The Stella Vine exhibition at MOMA in Oxford town (on til Sep 23rd)
Pick of the Bunch at the Fashion Museum in olde Bath Spa (on til Aug 27th)

Anyone want to join me at any of these shows? I know velvetdahlia was planning on organising people for the Stella Vine show, and that nicecupoftea expressed interest in the exhibition at Bath, but i'm sure there are other arty spinster types out there. I guess if I want to see the Jamie Shovlin show then I need to be in London some time in the next 3 or 4 weeks- can London cope with another visit from me so soon? We (velvetdahlia, dansette and burryman )also talked about visiting sourpussand eugenesucks in their delightful hometown sometime. Seems like the only way I can afford to get to see them is by catching le Bus Mega up to London town and then something equally cheap out the other side again.

I also really want to get down to Chi again to meet up with pickles2u, planetwheelerand magic_pumpkin again- but i'm thinking maybe I might head that way for my birthday (and miss_jen 's) because having a birthday this year without Jen will be horrible, so I might as well spend it eating cake by her graveside (oh god is that really weird and unhealthy of me?)

And at the end of August i'll be there for Ladyfest Bristol
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On July 22nd, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC), potatoprint commented:
I definitely want to see the Jamie Shovlin and Stella Vine shows. I'm going to be back at work soon though, which will limit time for such fun things.
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